What if protecting your kids online was simple?
You can help your kids to avoid any technology issue . . .
You don't need to be a cyber security expert or an IT professional to keep your kids safe online.  Our experts have done all the work for you.  

This book was designed for you to have all the information you need to protect your kids from online predators, scammers & cyber criminals.
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Protect my Kids Online
What's Included:
168 pages of tips, tactics, and techniques gives you the power to feel confident that you can help your kids through any digital dilemma the easy way
Based on our easy to follow SMART method enables you to develop a powerful digital mindset to help your kids avoid almost any online tragedy
Easy Step by Step guides to secure all the most popular apps and devices delivers the key to keep your kids safer online, simply & easily like pro parents do
How to guides for all of kids most common online problems (from what to do if you find porn on your child's device, to how to handle cyberbullying from both sides) makes it easier to know how to handle digital problems before they arise - Effortlessly
Jennifer, Parent
London, ON
I thought I was being safe online but boy was I wrong! Melanie provided information to keep myself and my children safe.
Margaret, Youth Worker
London, ON
In just 45 minutes I got some awesome quick and simple action plans to implement myself that have made me feel much more at ease about my online security!
Matthew, Parent
Hamilton, ON
I received practical advice on protecting my family from cyber bullying, scams, and adult content.
Melanie Rhora is a certified abuse prevention trainer, cyber security expert, and mom. With her security background, she has transformed her knowledge into power for parents, educators, volunteers, and social workers to keep the kids in their lives safe.

She is the founder of Cyber Smart Canada Inc., and the creator of the five part Get Cyber SMART program. 

She is on a mission to help communities Get Cyber SMART and help families create a balanced approach to online safety.  Her goal is to help parents guide their children in creating a preventative digital mindset that will help kids avoid almost any online issue (both now and in the future).

Once you have read Cyber Smart Parents, you will gain:
A powerful digital mindset:  to help your kids avoid almost any tech issue
Knowledge to safeguard your child's personal information and location online
Superior communication & coping skills to assist your child with online difficulties
Grab yours today and start to keep your kids safer online, simply & easily!
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More About Cyber Smart Parents: A Guide to Internet Security for Kids

In Part one, you will receive tactics, and techniques to keep your child cyber safe, including instructions for dealing with tough issues including pornography use by kids, cyberbullying and sexting.

Part two of this book is dedicated to delivering you great parental resources.  There are step-by-step instructions for privacy settings and parental controls of the most popular online platforms, as well as a wide variety of tools for you to use while implementing online safety with your family.
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